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Nordmaailma Civil War Progression: Conclusion

2017.10.15 19:01 mekbots Nordmaailma Civil War Progression: Conclusion

The Civil War had long been drawn out in Nordmaailma with the respective leaders debating for a compromise in the Council of Riga. Hosted in a not so far off city in the Legation Cities, a meeting between the Nordic leader, Sigmund, the Nordmaalusko leader, Gáivvaš and a regency representative from the defending Kuningas of Nordmaailma was held. Other attendees included a pair of Arykalian diplomats and of course the Legative host.
However, as the council argued and bickered on, a message from the Arykalian homelands reached the two diplomats. Following the recent war and the government of Arykal planning on sending already war-weary men to the North to fight once more had lead to the growth of internal crises within the kingdoms of Arykal and Sveden. The Diplomats were ordered to return and continue the meeting at a later date for the duration of the crises, however the situation in Arykal only worsened leading tot he eventual collapse and deposition of the monarchy.
With the meeting forcefully concluded to no avail, the war would rage to a finish. Shortly upon leaving the council, Sigmund and a small group of bodyguards raided the Regency representative's homecoming convoy and murdered him: the vicious Nord did so brutally smash the head in of the representative in true Nordic fashion. When news reached the defending Vuugists of Nordmaailma, it was already too late to surrender as the great Nord Sigmund returned with the sweeping tide of bloodshed, ending the siege of Traast and capitulating any remaining pockets of Vuugist resistance.
With the Vuugists defeated, Arykal collapsed, and the opportunity for future cooperation with the Legation Cities, the Nords and the Nordmaalusko agreed to peace. Both of the respective nations birthed from the Nordmaalusko civil war would be entitled to retaining the occupied lands from the war as their own. With the peace, a new map was drawn and the once great Northern Kingdom of Nordmaailma had finally collapsed; her lands succeeded by the pagans, ending Vuugism's hold in the North. The two new kingdoms would further become known as Nordheim and Nordmaalland (Nords and Nordmaalusko respectively).
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